The musical project, Another Headache, was started in 1989 by David Bourgoin. Primarily influenced by the likes of Throbbing Gristle, Zoviet France and early Sonic Youth, it soon developed a sound of its own that blended elements of Krautrock, Industrial music and Minimalism to create unique and captivating soundscapes. Early releases were included on a number of cassette compilation albums and the tracks soon attracted good reviews. Encouraged by this, the cassette album "Nothing Definite" followed, as did a split 7" with dROME. A further CD compilation appearance and some soundtrack work for a film by Richard Baylor led to a double 7" being released by Dirter Promotions. The tracks demonstrated that Another Headache had evolved to new levels of sound exploration and again attracted good press. Further tracks were written and recorded utilising speech samples, found sound and more regular instrumentation as Another Headache explored new avenues in which to experiment with sound collage.

The project was abandoned in 1997 with the most recent, and possibly the most accomplished, tracks never being released. The project was recently revived and there are plans to release some work in 2003. The new releases will combine previously unreleased tracks with newly recorded work.

I have uploaded some audio files that are available for download. The Another Headache discography is listed below. Anyone wishing to contact Another Headache can do so at the addresses on the Contact page.





The Cacophony Concerto 2nd Mvmnt (split 7" on Work In Progress)  Oct 1990

Serendipity EP (Double 7" on Dirter Promotions)  April 1994         


Nothing Definite (album on SPH tapes. SPH 026)  Jan 1992



Pushing The Envelope (CD EP (4 tracks) on the Thisco label)  July 2005



UK Electronics Volume 2 (Mindscan)  Oct 1990

Short Of Time (Graphic Death)  Nov 1990

New Hippies Vol 5 (Red Neon Tapes)  Aug 1991

Sound Of Hate Vol 4 (Strength Through Awareness)  Aug 1991

Organic (SPH Tapes)  Nov 1991

Impulse Magazine Issue 1  Jan 1992

UK Electronics Vol 4 (Mindscan)  Mar 1992

Sound Of Hate Vol 5 (Strength Through Awareness)  Jul 1992

Melt City (Graphic Death)  Jul 1992

Ritual Tape (ThB Nett)  Mar 1993

Impulse Magazine Issue 4  Mar 1993

Allegory (Pulse Tapes)  Mar 1993

Pornography (BV Tapes)  Nov 1993

Still Going Strong (Pulse Tapes)  Nov 1993




Melt (Work In Progress)  Mar 1993




Near Death.wma No Apology Necessary.wma